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There used to be healthy contingent of Republicans in New England's congressional delegation now there's just one one of those Republicans tells us what happened under Donald Trump you cannot set to find the Republican Party as being compassionate a big tent or particularly power why the GOP is struggling in the northeast this afternoon on All Things Considered from NPR news week day starting at four on W. NYC welcome back to the takeaway I'm a red van Gogh Paul the twenty fifteen Lauren but short of Penn state university senior was studying abroad in Spain during one of our last nights in the country Lauren was out celebrating her twenty first birthday when she ran into Manuel Blanco available a local tour guide she previously met but after a night of drinking Lauren fell off man was balcony and died a tortoise rule that her death was an alcohol fueled accidents however in twenty thirteen eighteen year old Gabrielle Vega was in Spain as well and visited Morocco our tour guide was also Manuel Blanco available years later Gabrielle publicly said that during the trapped men well had drugs or drink and allegedly assaulted her your she's in twenty eighteen telling her story on NBC's Megan Kelly today I'll just convinced that he put something in my drink it was it was on rails what I was feeling it was if you say I wasn't even close here I was like I couldn't even stand up I had to support myself on the wall when I was walking is there any doubt in your mind that he raped you I am one hundred percent in the days following Gabrielle's media parents more than thirty women contacted.

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