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And now, today's guest is Deborah cobble Deborah is well known throughout the world availing an abductees as a matter of fact. She was one of the people who bud Hopkins wrote a book about you may not know Debra cobbled by her name Deborah cobble because she went by different name back then due to privacy reasons, and with that said ladies and gentlemen, let's get to Deborah. Deborah, welcome to the show. Thank you. Thank you for having me. It's great to have you here with us, Deborah. Now, a lot of people might not exactly know the name of Deborah Kabul, but they've probably heard of you before because bud Hopkins wrote a book about your life. Yes, that is correct. He used a pseudonym in the book intruders, mostly to protect me and my family. I mean, mostly for me, it was I was as concerned about myself as I was my children and my family. The pseudonym was Kathy Davis. So when most people meet me, they don't recognize my name, but they do recognize Kathy Davis. What's changed between then and now because obviously you're coming out now with your real name. Oh, yeah, and I have for a while. Well, my kids are grown. They're in their 30s now. And my parents are gone and they don't we no longer have the house where this all happened. So, and I felt when my sister and I rode the second book called abducted the story of the intruders continues. I felt at that point. If I was going to be taken seriously about what I wanted to do, which was to help other people and pay back all of the support I'd received and also share what I knew straight from the horse's mouth. If I was going to be taken seriously, I felt like I needed to. Use my roommate. Yeah. Speaking of bud Hopkins, his wife, Carol, rainy, or something who's riding a blog about him and she's even doing a piece about you. Have you heard about that? Yeah, I know. I've heard about what she's been writing. I haven't heard anything about what she's actually written about me and I haven't looked and I really don't care. But I do know that she wrote extensively about Linda Napolitano from buds book after my book, the investigation that he stepped into after that, after us, witnessed, I think, was the name of that book. And I know that Carol's written a lot about that case in regards to bud and till Linda, the main focus of that investigation. You know, my attitude about all that is, hey, you know, you were there..

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