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And we are thrilled to be able to help them with the nazarene fund On the ground but please donate to deliver fund dot org So the other thing is an i Donald trump and i were just talking about Prime minister con Who he said was a big part of his plan to hold this thing together Prime minister con has been amazing Along with the Generally it's zere what what is his name. Do you remember But they've been remarkable in putting this together. I don't know how it happened. But i think he like a fan or something And i was. I was asked to write to him. Because he'll listen to your your email on like what and he did and tell us the role that he has played in this. So so prime minister con-constantly Deserves our thanks and And it in a debt of gratitude for for what the role that he played And i think it's important for people to understand why so the you know. They say that luck is when preparation meets opportunity Personally i like to. I like to say that lock is nothing more than divine intervention and there was serious divine intervention going on here so So prime minister con turns out As i understand it actually Listened to glenn beck radio show and so Once yeah i mean who who who saw that coming. Yeah and so what was needed in order to get these planes to take off was for somebody to interface with the taliban I happen to find myself fresh out of all of our contacts. Somebody somebody had to had to had to do that. 'cause whether we like it or not it's all about is the government on the ground afghanistan and there's nothing make. Mckinley is going to do about that. And what we do with deliver..

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