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Joseph worked in exeter california from nineteen seventythree it's nineteen seventy six and in one thousand nine hundred seventy six he joined the auburn police force auburn is a little former gold rush town about thirteen thousand people on the outskirts of sacramento in the suburbs were many of the golden state killer rapes and murders occurred in the middle late nineteen seventies the vast majority of the crimes would take place in sacramento county exeter smaller former railroad stop town of about ten thousand people in the san joaquin valley under thirty miles from sequoia national park in two hundred and forty miles south of sacramento two hundred ten miles north of los angeles big agricultural area it's also the home of spin hard bakeries only distribution plants whitlow spin hard bakery place in spokane not far from quarterlane so many pastries getting kicked out nationwide from exeter's largest employer so many breakfast clause raising snails cheese curls berry horns orange crinkles cream puffs huck albury blintzes cream snatches dingle drips maple rooms powder weasels other shit i can't enjoy because sends my blood sugar into an angry dizzy spiral of madness everything i made up was made up after barry horne by the way raises nail though is apparently real thing they always noted made up to me when i was reading about him so why not throw in some other ones you can't buy powder weasel that i know of or maple ruined or dingle drip yeah raising snail apparently those real never never heard of that one if i swing through exeter i'll give it a shot exeter is only fifteen minutes from basilio a huge agricultural hub from for two lehrer county home of over one hundred and thirty thousand people where the basilio ransack the home invader linked to the east area rapists to his then linked to the golden state killer all those monikers belonging to the criminal who the press also dubbed the original nights docker because he snuck into people's homes and terrorized california's families prior to richard the night soccer ramirez doing you know very similar things well live a celia ransack ransacked the shit out of over one hundred homes and enduring the ransacking one guy claude smelling was killed so joe.

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