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On ESPN and the ESPN app. All the way back is holding out for new deal, but then go could wind up costing them a fortune. We'll check out the financial details with Dan Grazziano purse. Hembo insist, we talked our trivia question this morning. It was on this day in twenty eleven that Jim Thome became the eighth member of the six hundred homerun who were the only players to hit more home runs during the span of his career ninety one to twenty twelve to marks on the screen. That means there are two such. The answer ninety one graduated from high school. Part. It was on this eight in twenty eleven. Jim Thome became the eighth member of the six hundred home run club or the only players who it more home runs during the years. He was playing anyone of a guess. One of them has to be berry bond. Okay. And how about the other one being Sammy Sosa close Mark Maguire too late who also is too late, you overlook sort of I think an obvious one and it's Alex Rodriguez k. rod hit six hundred forty seven bonds at six. Forty five during those years. Ken Griffey junior hit five hundred ninety two Sammy Sosa hit five hundred ninety. Our next Wednesday night. Baseball matchup is tonight at citizens Bank park. Taking on the fills back end of a two-game set boss to the best record in baseball. Fins fills continue to push to win the National League east tonight. Seventy stern on ESPN and the ESPN app. All right to football. Little MAC is still not reported to the raiders and his agent is at no recent contact with the teen MAC is in the final year of his rookie contract. He's looking for new deal. If he misses the next preseason game, it'll cost him another eight.

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