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Hello again everyone and welcome to another edition of Mr Out loud. It's presented by money lion and also brought to you by Hercules tires. Finally after two months we can do what this show was designed to do preview the upcoming race weekend and to do that helpless special guests will join us on this week's show. Ryan Newman is back after his horrific crash at the Daytona five hundred. We'll talk to him then. A little bit later on Jeremy Bullets from team Penske he was with Ryan Blaney. But after an off season crew swap there is now the crew chief for former champ. Brad Kozlowski it'll tell us what. It's like to reboot ray shops and get ready for four races in eleven days on the Cup side. It's all ahead on this week's edition of our out loud. Stay with us. You know that collected over fifteen billion in unnecessary fees last year. Come on enough is enough. It's time we took back control of our finances. That's my money. Line is proud to bring you the financial crew cheese and to be a NASCAR sponsor. Look no one knows more about hard work and pursuing their dreams than NASCAR fans drivers and teams to bring you the kind of banking that the big banks would never built with features like zero fee checking and zero fee investment accounts and because life is also meant for joined with Money Lion Nascar fans even more. We're giving away fifteen hundred NASCAR tickets to our members this year. Plus you can get five percent cashback on NASCAR tickets at track purchases and all purchases at NASCAR DOT com learn more at money lion dot com or download our APP. This is America's most powerful financial membership. Money.

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