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On greed. Off the court ploughs here franchise. The insiders Thursdays at three forty five on Wisconsin's afternoon news with John Rick your we can get even better and even more competitive, and what we wanna do going forward sponsored by Waterstones Bank and citing unlimited. We're the home of the box GM. What you're hearing is the sound of growth in southeastern Wisconsin. In Walker's point, an peepers starting a new real estate project with a company peoper properties and vision is to create cutting edge environments for progressive people to live and work in and we had park Bank are proud to play a part in making her dream a reality. Hi, I'm Dave Warner president and CEO park Bank. We live in an exciting place with lots of new projects driven by developers like hand need a Bank like park Bank that looks for ways to get things done. Sometimes ideal calls for creativity and other times, it's about speed and ease. If you're looking for a Bank that has the flexibility to work at your pace, consider park Bank, helping businesses grow is our passion. Park Bank member FDIC, equal housing lender. Folks. This is Hake. Albert, owner of BBC lady. Now's the time to visit my store and see all the new styles and ceiling fans, but weather may be nasty cozy and comfortable inside IQ showroom where you'll see all the latest styles for the new year, whether it's contemporary traditional or the industrial. Look, we have all the finest lighting lamps and ceiling fans on display we carry every major brand. And I guarantee the lowest prices even lower than the internet. Lampshades or repairs? You need we do all that too. We even service what we sell this something for everyone at BBC included antiques. Collectibles, fun for the kids that are famous free popcorn. BBC's open every day, and it's conveniently located at twentieth in Saint Paul avenue across some Sobel men's near the puddle outta me casino..

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