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Dave Frasier, Chief Meteorologist discussed on This Morning with Gordon Deal


By contact tracers can also get tested about four hundred people have been tested every day but the city says the testing site can handle a larger volume than that hot weather will continue this week but fox thirty one chief meteorologist Dave Frasier says there's a chance of rain each day for the rest of the work week your afternoon showers and thunderstorms will be there now they'll be scattered in nature meaning not everybody sees the rainbow they'll be popping up any time after three in dying down around nine to ten o'clock he says high temperatures will be in the upper eighties our next update at three thirty decal shelling killing newsradio eight fifty AM in ninety four one of them this is micros and did you know that a lower interest rate will not only save you big money in the long run but it can also lower your monthly payment and help you build equity for pastors true and millions of homeowners can benefit now that mortgage rates are the lowest they've been in three years so why not take advantage of a free mortgage review from American financing you can learn about new loan options that can save you up to a thousand dollars a month maybe more and you don't have to reset your loan term meaning you're not paying for years you don't need best of all there are never any up front fees so you truly have nothing to lose and everything to gain by spending ten minutes on the phone with one of their mortgage consultants they're even open nights and weekends to fit your busy schedule call three oh.

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