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With a wind chill of eight good morning I'm Steve Christianity the news is being sponsored by victory auto wreckers dot com Chicago's dealing with is still a morning commute the Blackhawks come up empty in Vancouver in business global stock markets are lower Dow futures are pointing toward a loss if the open on Wall Street in about an hour Dow futures are down about two hundred points now with WGN traffic is very bad about Travelgate sponsored by Kaplan law firm a lot of problems reported on I eighty this morning with blowing and drifting snow some slippery conditions eastbound between three fifty five and wolf that accident still in the left lane otherwise we seen accidents at almost all the expressways this morning out but even thirty six delay cook accident willow now cleared Kennedy out to the airport forty accident Montrose forty six in from here thirty locals and the inbound I accept fifty five from three ninety about thirty six from Mannheim inbound side of fifty five is a mess from fifty three all the way to eighty three an hour and fifteen minutes in from three fifty five from the tri state forty five minutes outbound side of the Ryan US dollar canal port in the right lane and to an accident fifty five it's blocking the exit ramp to the inbound side of fifty five that's on the Ryan bishop Ford out on accident one hundred and thirty at the latest both interactions fifty seven accident cleared at homestead lake shore drive even a crash there north on thirty first in the right lane cell traffic on eighty eight this morning between Naperville and three fifty five in on two ninety four south down to after the Bensenville bridge accident now cleared but heavy delays north on.

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