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Silver diner dot com To see all the options Silver Diner. Your home away from home, now open in Alexandria with a full bar and 60 seat patio. It is for 35. India recently reached a Corona virus case load of over three million. India is now leading the world with new Corona virus infections. The disease has monstrous, impoverished rural areas in the north and the wealthier but older populations of the South Health authorities reported over 69,000 new cases, bringing the total to over three million cases have leveled off and in years to largest cities Mumbai and Delhi as new hot spots of the merchant, the rule areas of water predators on the country's northern Bahar states as well as several southern states. India has the third highest caseload after the United States in Brazil. I'm Karyn Mammoth. He opened fire Two mosques in New Zealand last March, killing 51 worshippers this week. Australian Brenton Harrison Theron will learn his sentence for the killing more than 60 survivors and family members will this week in front, the white supremacist who committed the worst atrocity in the country's modern history. Hi. Omari is the sister of one of the victims he's preparing to meet her brother's killer. There is no words that can explain the atrocity of what what we went through, and it's but it's It's something that we have to do with Prime Minister Justin Didn't who was praised around the world for her empathy and leadership after the attacks That said the sentencing would be hard for the victim. I don't think I had the is much that I can say that is going to. He's just how dramatic that period's going to bait parents could become the first person in museum too. Sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. I'm Karen Thomas just ahead what led to a London Loudon County house fire? A big one. We're going to tell you after this a surprising fine for fire investigators for 36. The Virginia Lottery has a new game. Thiss is Kino and this is how you play you pick up the 10 numbers out of 80. Kino draws 20.

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