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Philadelphia's a.m. 9 90 the answer and 9 90 the answer dot com Meet Tim Hey what's up He's the person you hired for your digital marketing and when he's done battling aliens on his PS5 and his parents basement He'll get right to work Now meet the team at Salem surround Hi These are the people who are passionate about your success and will work 24 7 to deliver real customers to you in your business Why would you trust your digital marketing to one person when you can hire a whole team Get nationwide experience Resources and results learn more at around Philadelphia dot com Surround Philadelphia dot com Hi I'm Julie Whitman Klein president and CEO of Trinity school of natural health and the producer of the Trinity health freedom expo as a mother of three I understand the obstacles we face to maintain and express our health freedoms I also believe that the body is God given and that individuals should have their freedom to choose what's best for their health My father doctor wenda litman the creator of Trinity and the health freedom expo instilled these values in me from a young age I watched him share these messages with others to improve their lives one decision at a time Now more than ever we need to protect our health freedoms and the expo is here to provide you with the knowledge and support to do so It is my great honor to invite you and your families to join us this October 2nd and third in Tinley Park Illinois as we gather for our 28th Trinity health freedom expo so that together we can continue to empower ourselves and our communities visit Trinity health freedom expo dot com to register today Making Philadelphia morning radio Great again You guys are doing a fantastic job Big fan I listen every day I think you're a wonderful combination of information humor and faith Philadelphia Morning answer with crystal Weekdays 6 to 9 a.m. on fiddle delphia 9 90 The answer We're tyranny dies and wisdom lives The Charlie Kirk show Hey everybody.

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