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Fear they is not dissimilar actually was one of the reasons why this prescient protest to to remember remembered on an rekindle. If you like it's not dissimilar to the fear that the very rightly have now if climate change that we should all have. It's not dissimilar to the fears that many b-share about male violence locally nationally globally. These are the kind of undo we've just committed as it government. In britain to spend forty percent more of our on nuclear weapons is that evolved our nhs coming off of your communities. So there's there's an awful lot green and women were addressing a in that high of the cold war. The actually is really really really important for us to to be inspired by day. Women inspire women. That's kind of why we're all here. Let's bring in sioux. Say good morning. Good morning you one of the original women from greenham you eighteen. I believe when you went. What motivated you. I was i was eighteen when i went. I would not want it. The original walkers I joined mostly. I think because my both my parents belong to send day and i've been a sort of active part of that. My dad was a conscientious objector. And actually my mom was read in the war And beyond. I'm an so. I had quite a balanced view of you know to to have an me to protect people to support the un and to go in for crisis situations. Yes i see fully with that. But the idea of pushing a button miles away and murdering generations of people just was completely unacceptable to me not was. That was my motivation. However when a goal. I realized that i was a lot more naive than i thought i was. I thought that was a very sauce. And i knew it and i got an i suddenly realized with you know arriving at yellow gains and talking to the women there i realized i knew absolutely nothing so it was. It was really It was the start of my education as to the place that women hop in the world and learning the actually i could say no. And we're not gonna do they some. We're not gonna have violence. We are going to look after each other. And we're going to look after our planet and i think that was the stocks of my education. Hold that thought for a moment. See we're going to hear a clip of some of the women explaining their reasons for staying at greenham. This is in april nineteen eighty three. I was looking to hear about the camp almost when it first started. And i just came down really to see what was going on became emotionally involved in.

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