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Peter Schrager, one of our favorites from the NFL network will stop by the man cave tomorrow, Reggie Allah wishes Miller junior the third and more gymnasts phone calls the gymnasts impersonation contest. Have we reached out to Jim Nance to join us on the Jim Nance? We're going through right now. Did it just done on you that we always have gymnast? The final four. He was I didn't want to overstep our disease. When is that ever stop? Come up with something. Paulie had something for me. It's most minutes without a three pointer in an NBA career because Ben Simmons is, you know, not even within the career, but he's played a lot of minutes. He's a starting place over twenty five hundred minutes year, which Jenner does he date is Kylie or is there a kyri billion high Rijkaard ish? Yeah. What if she says? Hey, Honey, what you make it. Three honor for me. What does she has? Oh, that'd be bad. Most career minutes played go never hit a three pointer hints. I think he's in the hall of fame. I'm almost sure of it. And he definitely wanna bunch titles. Few titles. Center. Tim Duncan in him is not on the list. He's hit threes shack. One more guest played in the east in the eighties. Especially. Ben Wallace part of a great frontline a hall of Famer Robert Parish or thousand three now who's the active leader in career minutes. Played without hitting a three pointer still plays. Little older. Got to help me Heison channel thirty thousand. Yeah. Junior third. What did I learn today on the program for see John Moran? Tries to play the game the ways idle Russell Westbrook. What did you learn today? I learned you're hot take your taking the field over the vulnerable warriors to win the title again. But the rockets have a good chance of the field. I got the rockets. Yes. Mclovin. Griffin and KENDALL Jenner broke up a long time ago. But I know, but then there's Ben Simmons who dates one of the jenner's it's candle to is. Oh, yeah. What we learned brought to you by truecard when you're ready to buy a new or used car. Visit truecar.

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