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In extra territorial, extrajudicial killing a gentlest in techie. And then the next day expects all of global civil society from the presidents of the well Bank and Christine Lagarde from the IMF and all the way down to the end of the CEO's of Goldman Sachs and BlackRock and all the rest of it took common sort of pay their respects to this great founders of cash. Should you sort of rewind and explain a little bit more about what you're talking? I'm really, what am I talking about here? So so last week, a Washington Post journalist named help me out her mouth showy walked into the. Saudi embassy in Turkey and never came out again and as reporting surface in the past week or two. It's looking increasingly like he was essentially murdered by the Saudi government. And the backdrop now becomes the Saudi government is putting on this essentially as Felix at Davos in the desert this big innovation conference, but even worse in the Ritz Carlton Riyadh the same Ritz Carlton that the leader of Saudi Arabia used to imprison, his political enemies is going to house. The CEO of is going to house Jamie diamond. And until recently, the CEO of Uber and all these like fancy DAV the Davos set that a non writes so well about in his book. And as a new surface of of this man's killing an apparently Abon saw was used to dismember his body, and then it was removed from the embassy according to reporting from the Washington Post. Mainly this has been embarrassing for the global elite. I mean, they don't want to be associated with this and they've been pulling out yet on Thursday and Friday this week. They've been a lot of amendments. Saying, oh, we won't go were so shocked by this. But of course it shouldn't be shocking because this isn't the first time. The leader of Saudi Arabia has been caught doing some nasty stuff. Saudi Arabia has never exactly been a paragon of human rights abuses, and. Yeah, so so the question I have you and this is like, did it really require the assassination of a member of the global elite of like a high profile, Washington Post columnist to bring home to the world? Just how sort of. You know, bad brutal. The Saudi regime is, I mean, well, first of all, it's not clear to me that it has brought home brought home to most of them. I mean, the people minority, yes of the people who as of this morning, the guy's been gone more than a week as a this morning. We're still listed on the website. These are all powerful people who have the ability to get their name off a website. I would imagine. And many of them would not even made their own Twitter announcements of whatever. So to be clear, even everything we know bone saw and all has not been sufficient for most people to to to disavow this I, I have been in conversation, for example, with with DARA spokesman at Uber since I ran into him on Wednesday in Los Angeles, and it took until late last night to get, you know, just to pull off in the conference. I also then follow it up and saying, are you willing to. Also return the massive Saudi stake in Uber. I have not gotten a response to that and tell what Uber's slogan is its new slogan under darn one is do the right thing. We do the right thing area. Yes. Come up here. Yeah, I mean, it just exposes I think what a non wrote about which is that these companies want to have it both ways. They want to say, we do the right thing period, and then they go out and they kind of do the wrong thing unless they're publicly called out and essentially harassed by a lot of journalists in which is what happened to, which is why they pulled out. And I think Mohammed bin Salman is an interesting example of almost him. He seems to be kind of modeling himself on this. I, you know, being global elite and on the one hand trying to say, oh, well, you know, I'm allowing women to drive when on the other hand, arresting all of the female activists who were pushing to get driving. And then when the Canadian foreign minister points out, as we mentioned in previous episodes of this show, he goes batch it and like pools, old, Saudi students, out of Canada and like ends diplomatic relations. Just I the saying, hey, you shouldn't jail these people..

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