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The rose social media played at a high profile criminal case here, North Texas. The clouds rolled in fifty seven at three zero three and for John little I'm Chris summer and with your top story here, Susie, solely and arrest. Affidavit says an online chat uncovered by Facebook led to last month's arrest of Lauren Cavanaugh who gained national attention after being locked in a closet as a child care all these LP Phillips has more. According to the just released document Facebook spotted a messenger conversation between Kevin and a girl last month sent that concern to the internet crimes against children task force which contacted Lewisville police the David says that tip led police to the victim who told them the relationship developed through the online messaging and was followed by a friendship, then cavenaugh moved in with the family at the budget suites of America in Lewisville. It was last month documents say that cabin. Aw, had sexual contact with a child on at least one occasion police interviewed Cavanaugh who the affidavit says admitted to the child story. It says cavenaugh ultimately quit talking to them saying if you're going to arrest me arrest me, she remains jailed on ten thousand dollars bond awaiting action by a grand jury LP Phillips, News Radio ten eighty KRLD. Dallas may Southwest Airlines had hoped to be flying to Hawaii in the next month. Now, the carrier says those flights could be delayed for several months. Thanks to the ongoing partial government shutdown south west CEO, Gerry Kelly tells KRLD business analyst David David Johnson, the FAA approved their Hawaii program last month. But there's another step what had to happen next in the month of January was for us to demonstrate to the FAA that we know our procedures, and we know how to respond in certain conditions, those are called validation test and all of that. Was scheduled to be completed this month in fact next week. And then our plan was to be selling next week. And then flying February the FAA officials who handle certification or not allowed to work right now because of the shutdown he can hear much more from south west CEO, Gary Kelly and David Johnson CEO spotlight this evening. Six twenty here on KRLD tonight, friends and family will gathered honor and remember NS mother, Carol. These Austin York has more eight year old Emily way disappeared on January fifth. Her body was found on Monday in a creek police believe she drove into high water after leaving a co workers home hundreds of volunteers continually search for Emily after she went missing her, brother. Chad Wade says the way the people of NS responded was truly heartwarming.

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