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Hours wanted to the good, the bad, the ugly Again I don't always agree with John. McCain but he deserves a lot of respect and he deserves not, to be, called songbird That. That really popped up from that that anti McCain flyer that was circulating. In South Carolina during the. Primaries in two thousand, eight that's where the, Hanoi Hilton songbird. Came from. Grab calls in a bit let me just go through I I mentioned. Jacksonville. The pledge of allegiance grab. Calls momentarily hang on if you wanna get on, eight hundred eight zero one eighty nine ninety nine I mentioned before the. Break I don't know what the hell's going on Connecticut but Connecticut has become like the pledge. Of allegiance ground. Zero. Lightning rod now the latest I've seen, is that a chairman at a Connecticut school district board of education he's now resigned Guy by the name of Josh Adams. Chairman of the new Hartford board of education it is reported that he stepped down because he. Opposed a vote By other board members who wanted to, begin each meeting by reciting the pledge of. Allegiance to the United States of America what what's wrong with that So he was overruled And he told the other board members that he would not propose the policy in a meeting and the fact, that he's the chairman, he decides the. Agenda so screw you he went on to say that. He doesn't apply gently he doesn't. Pledge allegiance to anything And supports The principles on which the country, was founded but. No pledge so he's got And. Of course. We have the earlier controversy earlier in the, summer and Hatem. Connecticut Melissa slag And she had a letter that she put on, Facebook. That she she knelt she actually midfielder note two different board of selectmen meetings and. Hatem Connecticut Over the, pledge We we gotta get a hat-trick soon at a Connecticut with the. Pledge, of, allegiance I I I don't know the latest on Jacksonville on this sicko David Katz from Baltimore Maryland twenty four years old opened fire at this madman nineteen. Video, game, tournament I mean come on the football video game tournament Wasn't fortnight or. Some other, you know violent shooting game or whatever Two people were killed then this, son of, a bitch he shot himself You had A total of what twelve wounded You had How many? Was shot looks? Like, what nine nine. Other shot And this David Katz. From Maryland he was the winner of the Madden seventeen tournament this was mad. Nineteen and he? Actually, one Madden seventeen Cops said that he fired one semiautomatic handgun They said that he. Might have been carrying another weapon as well I didn't. See full delineation of that before it went on the. Air, today we don't know what kind of gun that was used however on the video that circulated, of the gun gun fire the gun, shots and the two players one of the players who was killed I believe it. Was the black player was one of the players that was. Killed you can see a crimson laser that is on the chest Of one of, the players so David Katz apparently was eliminated or not apparently he was he was. Eliminated he lost and then he starts shooting up the place What the heck is what's the matter what what's wrong with this. Kid unbelievable now he's dead I saw that the feds rated his house in. In Maryland, I would imagine because it talks. About his home in an upscale. Community I, would imagine it was as his family's home That was rated Some of the audio, here is wow This is the audio when the shooting, happened and. You can, hear the commentators the gunfire I mean it almost doesn't sound real and that's where you can see the crimson laser on one of the players in a small box in the. Lower right hand corner of the screen.

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