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So helpful and are thanks to Sarah Haines for that are we turn now to Dr Jen Ashton for final thoughts on this Thursday meet today I really want to share with you a story that I think illustrates just how much cove in nineteen has infiltrated my mind and and every part of my world and it's actually more a mom's story than a doctor story I was actually walking into my son's room to leave something in there he just graduated from college with a double major in math computer science and is always college books stacked up on his desk and I glanced over and I saw one at the top that said clean code now I have no idea what this means in the world of computer programming but I decided to pick it up open it to a random page and just see if I could make sense of one line and ironically the line I open to was entitled clean tests and coding this is a book by an author Robert Martin and its it use the acronym first F. stands for fast independence stands for one task shouldn't be dependent on another R. stands for repeatable it should be repeatable in any environment S. stands for self validating so the test should be simple which either pass or fail and the T. stands for timely so these tests should be accessible and you should give get results in a timely matter and I read this and I thought I can actually understand this which I was surprised about but then I immediately went to this is what the testing for covert nineteen really should follow and so I may or may not drop an anonymous note to the powers that be and say you know what follow a word a page from the computer coding book but I thought that that was incredibly apps so think of the acronym first okay Dr Jen Ashton thank you as always.

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