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Business mushin' of more what's going on around the world is now marcus we sell us in the uk where the metropolitan police commander in charge of the investigation into the grand fultala five says he hopes the number of dead will not begin triple figures soon condie has said that the surge of the taliban may take months and some victims may never be identified will say president donald trump will latest day announce a ban on on americans and us companies doing business with cuba's military this is an oval back of the obama administration's plan to thaw relations with the island find these special counsel robert mueller is reportedly investigating the finances in business dealings of jared kushner president donald trump's soninlaw and adviser according to the washing tim pace citing officials familiar with the matter fbi agents and federal prosecutors have also been examining the financial dealings of other trump associates lebanesefrench for hours a day powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries i'm caroline heck can this is claimed that marcus caroline's still with us in the studio is that don smith cio at brown shipley let's go back to our conversation with him donna i want to talk a little bit about the uk because the bank of england surprised markets yesterday when it voted five two three to maintain interest rates where they all but it was really those three dissenters that that surprised markets so what do you make of that a little bit surprised actually given the backdrop activity data and the uk seems to be softening now we had both stronger the beginning of the year but that has significantly changed house prosecution is weakening earnings growth relatively weak so a little bit of a surprise i think for the markets and some it's difficult to really map that in now to the to the outlook for sterling because markets have to consider on the one hand all the uncertainties related to brexit the brakes negociations the additional uncertainties injectable general election outcome the fact that the uk economy seems to be weakening of the same time the bank of england now appears to be getting a little bit concerned about inflation on the overshooting its projected a target so it's a little bit of a mix of uncertainty in terms of the outlook.

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