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This for all of you, it's been an incredible chapter of your careers. Is there a certain morning process that you're experiencing as you say goodbye to these characters? As it says, the treadmill still chugging along right now. We really only just finished post, which Jason had far more of his time dedicated to than the rest of us. But if it is done, then yeah, maybe at some point, but I'm trying to just savor it while it lasts because it has been amazing. And it is amazing. And also, it will end someday because all things do impermanence is undefeated. And so no morning of any kind right now, because first of all, it's not a funeral yet. But secondly, there's just so much about it to enjoy still. But like me, you're a Chicago Bears fan, self sabotaging disaster of the team. I'm also an Everton fan, even more self sabotaging disaster of a team, White Sox fan. You do have a therapist, yes, roger. Yeah, it's you. It's talking to you, baby. Did I ask you? I mean, won't talk to the worst. AFC Richmond, there were essentially all I got. And I don't want spoilers or anything, but tell me we're going to be okay. We're going to be all right, right. Oh, I think so, yeah. I mean, 'cause, you know, we'll all be together. God, Jason, you just blew my mind. And cut. Jason, last one for you. Ted Lasso has changed many lives. I mean, mind, for instance, I'm now the owner of a play people coach beard. Jeff, one of these Brendan following. Yes, I do. And I showed my figurine to my two year old, and he was not interested, and then we showed him the Roy Kent figurine, and he went ta da. Fight your home off to look like root Kent's flea mcbeal character. Jason, I was honestly being serious about Ted Lasso, changing millions of lives around the world. Serious question, how has it changed your life, changed you as a human being? Oh boy. I'm not a method actor. At least I don't think I've never been trained in it. Maybe I'm doing accidentally. But the ability to access that mindset at the Ted Lasso mindset, which I think is in any of us and all of us at different degrees. And be able to click into that and sort of feel the responsibility of conveying that when meeting people or hearing people's feelings about the show or their reaction to the show or how it's helped them through difficulty, whether it be because they've gone through a similar thing with maybe a parent like Ted's father or it helped a family member deal with something in a hospital room or a classroom or what have you is, I wouldn't say overwhelming, but it is very moving. You can't help but change the way you view people in the way you meet them wherever they are and to just kind of offer a little grace in space towards whatever they're going through and hopefully can turn that same those same values onto myself and to the people nearest and dearest to me, not just the strangers that are brave enough and kind enough to come up and say hello or share their stories with us. Two more grace and space to more football fandom grounded in love and to both of you to your continued success to AFC Richmond a year arsenal thanks gent. Thanks, sir. Thank you,

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