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Kind of historical location for space telespazio. Where able to talk as we are on a mission. Where association is less importance to satellite onto an obvious that we could just we have acquisition in bermuda where we were talking. Sorry to interrupt you. So we inge. Xm onto sun synchronous orbits. This is a kind of four bits whereas the satellite policies or gaza. point or verse. Always at the same time. And this is why this Kind of phobias are very important for observation. Because you have always same illumination from so we're coming up to the next point net which is switching on the upper stage. I call it in english. And of course the french call it. It's the texture delivers such lines to their dropoff points in space and it's really the next phase of the journey. No we must take into the wheel if we can say so. It's really a proper laundry with satellite up to their injection orbits. So for this mission we really have to first before super-rich set and to a boost be follow his in the book. We are getting information from the guinness space center that the trajectory is degraded on the launcher trajectory. So we're going to wait for information now. More information from the jonah space center. So while we wait i just wanted to ask you Damien words is the sort of normal sequence of events in a situation like this. Because i'm guessing that people will have to be doing all sorts of analysis and trying to find out what's happening moments i think probably gathering was available data in order to get an understanding of what's going on and then we will. We wait for further information from space center and of course again. The space center will come to assist soon as they can. They bring more information. And i think in the meantime we will again a detail from company their coffee. Can you translate that forest. A a message from lender manager at stating that from the ground side. What is your probations. Our going on between says or does the equipments are waiting. Follow new an this new data coming from the vehicle side and executive remain in a waiting mode waiting. Friday should information coming from launch addition acquisition. Coming from other means. I'm just hearing in my ear that we're hoping to hear from stephan israel shortly the c. e. o. of our in space. Here he is stefan located steph. What's the latest ultimately after liftoff and after initial and passion of free of fester stage engines. We have observed deviation of touching story after the initial nosy so this division of toxic totally as altitude and speed while not minolta and. We need now to wait for new nassir station. Acquisition to have more information to to communicate on the final le commerce emission socia- season normally. And we know need to gasoline to consolidate more information before coming back to you. Okay so that's That's the latest news. Then some minutes into the flight after liftoff we heard that the launch had deviated from its search trajectory. We've been waiting for more information from the guiana space centre and for hoping that the new tracking station might pick up the signal. We are now going to go over to the ceo of aaron space. Stefan israel stefan. Have you got any news for us. Not we have some news an unfortunate not good. We can now confirm. That mission is lost. So i remind you what we have observed eight minutes after the least of and immediately after the initial nosy engine hostage whom stage we have observed the rotation of it means as a speed Was not not minolta anymore. So we have observed tradition. We need a little more time to understand the next steps and after also note acquisition of guilio station timidity station we can unfortunately confirms that mission is lost snow to an is to understand experts who is of initial investigations. Indicate a problem related to wrongly installed cables in the system. activating the fourth stage of own thrust. The system was the most likely cause of the failure. Should manager say that brings it down on quality control and therefore a series of human errors. The failure happened just two and a half months after vegas returned to flight. Status vegas suffered. Its last launch failure back on july the eleventh two thousand nineteen when the united arab emirates armed forces falcon. I two concent- satellite was lost possibly judith thermal protection designed floor on the second stages forward dome area.

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