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Hey what's going on everybody welcome into I take it's been a great week out here in La on this Field Good Friday Stephen a Smith Mexico molly you're doing it at home today Ready to do this of the NBA back no question it wasn't so good for the warriors last night though things did not go as planned and their brand new reno points two games to fifty three to be exact who I put a twenty one had a career high non assist meanwhile steph curry at twenty three but that came with eight costly turnovers warriors are not accustomed to being the underdog. Here's the last five years we've we've been living in a world that isn't supposed to exist five years that basically was record wise I believe that best stretch if anybody's ever had over five years so this is reality nine nine guys twenty three or younger and you know we're starting over in many ways Dax we've sucked and we gotta get better I'm not I'm not a coach so I'm not about to go watch a film itself well we can build on this I AAC don't give a damn about what we can build on we saw tonight and we gotta get better overall and that's just what it is over the course of the season we're gonNA score enough points because we have if some talent with Adam to floor says amount of how bad we went on the other end and the sense of urgency so that is one game no sucked out there tonight gotta come back and Beat o'casey on Sunday Sir Max smirk on your face I don't know what this is about what was this more of `Bout Steph to you or a why of course it's more about coli and we didn't joe one fish like this is amazing to me Kawais not the B. side winter people going to understand he's the as side the other guys the B. Side this goes back to last I mean this goes back to earlier in his career but let's pick it up last season in the playoffs stephen against the Greeks freak okay the Greek freak was really the store oh no no he wasn't we can even go to him against embiid and Simmons what was the story of that series Leonard was the story of the next coach. Leonard what was the story of the files Oh Kevin Durant not playing wrong it was Leonard Asleep K. D. plays the warriors but that's because the warriors were way way better than the raptors if they were fully loaded k. d. better than Kawhi to start just season what's the story Lebron James Wrong it's lettered what's the story last night oh this or someone else that wrong as usual is coed Leonard either either he does whoever he needs to do like the Freak Simmons mb either someone doesn't want it with him like Lebron or the guy he's the biggest star on the other side isn't playing the same position like Steph why has consistently been the actual story it now you realize he gave you twenty one nine and five and three quarters and by the way the nine is assists to one turnover he was a playmaker for them when he needed to be and of course there's always playing defense the story it people will eventually get it is I'm going to excuse your ignorance on this circular subject for one reason and one reason only you aren't a newspaper Guy You don't understand that when you wake up in the morning it's about the story line for that day you gave us an overview of the season which is entirely accurate the problem was last night the Golden State Warriors would story here's why because without K. D. and without Klay Thompson also based off of what we saw Tuesday night from the clippers against the Lakers it was a foregone conclusion data roster that deep thoroughly coached by Doc rivers to every position clearly the favorites to win the chip was head and odors above this version of the Golden State Warriors so the story line specifically for last night if you're talking about the season Max Kelham is right on the money but going into last night in the new arena in San Francisco with the Golden State Warriors Sands Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant I mean the question was the story was how a Steph curry who some people are projecting the be the league MVP. Because suddenly he's going to be elise how is he going to handle the onslaught of bodies being thrown in his direction where he has nobody else to lean on because his boys are simply not there outside of draymond green who has no score he's a player that was the story line going in the last night and what we learn is how human steph curry you can look to of eleven from three point range what was it twenty three points on the evening whatever it was it was an eight eight hundred twenty Schutte over all relatively pedestrian and normal for you know relatively pedestrian for 'em because it a multitude of bodies you can throw at him you knew what you were going to get from the clippers because they showed you forty eight hours earlier you know what you're going to get from because he spent the last year so showing us what you're going to get from what was Steph like to do for the first time on his own all by his lonesome since his rookie year no clay no K. D. to lean on and you found out against an elite team particularly an elite defensive team what how difficult it would be for him I'm just saying that was the story for last night it's not about Kawhi Leonard playing second fiddle it's about okay when you're so big time and you're the reigning champion the reigning NBA Finals Mvp we all expect to see you as the season progresses we know what you're going to do but I don't know yet from Steph hold on are you sure walk who is going to do you remember when Doc rivers compared collided. MJ and everyone's like we know what that's about him once over here with him but let me tell you something about this is about the clippers roster who's the point guard do they really have a classic point guard class notes they have to they have Patrick Beverley Lou Williams I guess are technically their point but like MJ on the Bulls he didn't play with a real point go either way there's nothing point about Lou Williams he's a scoring guard who gets out of touch in the second year round of course but you bring him off he has the Greenland naturally I'm talking about technically the point is Michael Jordan played next to go who were willing defenders and could shoot right BJ Armstrong Ron Harper Steve Kerr like guys like Patrick Beverley is like a great example defender who can really shoot from the outside and can kind of organize your offense but that's not his like doesn't need the ball he's the perfect guy next to Kawai but then in that case Stephen a the one weakness in his game has been in recent really since he's been in the league he's not a great passer he really wasn't a passenger on into an okay but it's not a great passion Lebron Katie who's turned into a terrific passer last night nine assists one turnover so if is let's let's look at the list here Glen Robinson the third I wish him luck Kevon Looney we know that name Okay Chris Jacob Evans Jordan Pool Damian Lee Amari spelman I'm sorry Max Kellerman you're trying to tell me that people walked in the last night and we don't know what we're going to get from Hawaii and that was Steph wasn't about Kawana clippers and the last point that I wanna make is this my condolences I really really hope that what I saw last night I don't see in the future those empty the seats inside a say a friend this was my concern about the team moved from the Oracle that Fan Base in Oakland is real in San Francisco trich beverly who I brought up earlier there was some reports that Patrick Beverley was yelling at me after the opener in the locker room yelling at you what happened was I went in there we were talking for a minute and he started saying hey I don't like like kind of blaming me for the not an angry or anything for the media playing highlights of Dunks not not really showing the with like showing who actually won the game like what we just did there the warriors lost we played nothing but warriors highlights we've been plagued the good clippers stuff right but let's talk about the good clip stuff the reason steph had eight turnovers is because Patrick Beverley was on him that's as much of a story to me let's go to struggle.

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