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Or wherever you get your podcasts. Good morning boomer. Our you tired but You know i'm a little down. There's no question about it. But i'm not gonna let it take me down because man. That was an awesome game last night. That was an awesome game. I knows what we almost had to try factor because the yankees you know beat the race. They did what they had to do. A little wiser was great. Jordan montgomery was great and chapman comes in close the door. There you go. you have over there. The mets have You know ninth inning comeback. Which was awesome in itself and marcus. Stroman was great yesterday. And i know he didn't want to come out of the game. Of course anybody that is competitive and wants to stay in the game. He wanted to stay in the game. There's no question about it. But they picked them up hitting get a loss he pitched e pitched really well and they got key hits and albert more out junior junior running into centerfield told me all i need to know about this team now this team as balls to the wall. I don't care what you say so. We almost had to try but last night. And here's the too frustrating things for me. From last night's lakers knick game number one was the final shot of regulation. So i thought julius was going to get the ball spot up. Just hit a jump shot. He'd been hitting all night sure and he tried to do the. Derek rose floater. For whatever reason that's his that's his intuition that's as basketball. Iq that's what he thought he was doing. And we almost want it right there and it would have been unbelievable. Had that ball gun in had that ball gun and you would have heard nick fans screaming from montauk the way down to the jersey shore. Sure i mean it would have been unbelievable okay. So now we're going into overtime. They're losing in overtime but they fight back because they fight back a fightback and all right. So i feel like tiptoes was gonna come up with some play at the end of the game and we're going to get a wide open shot. We have plenty of time is no issues and unfortunately the ball ends up in. Rj barrett's hands. Who had a terrible last night. And he has to take almost a half quarter when in actuality. They didn't have to do that. But you could see that. The the lakers extended their defense. And and you're right. I do believe that they miss quickly. And neil aquinas out there. It's a big shot. There's no question about that but that game last night had we won the game last night we would have come in. There has been high five and everybody would have been jacked up and i know that there's disappointment and frustration. I gotta tell you that team watching that game last night. That was that was hockey on hardwood. last night. That was now. I know why lebron james wanna planet game because it was going to be everybody who's going to get knocked guys. Were going after the ball. Both teams plan hard. I mean that you got your money's worth if you're spike lean you spend.

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