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An interesting thing about that. When ben roethlisberger was on injured reserve he was on the sideline with a clipboard and a headset. So could josh. Dobbs be on the sideline clipboard headset. Talking to ben rothlisberger looking at place helping them. The offense without being you know on the fifty three man roster injured reserve might be the best possible thing. Yeah jerko can linger but For an injury. That's not crazy. And maybe it's the best thing for both parties. Josh jobs that just going to full. Jackie moon this year. That player coach basically mike Assistant qb coach honesty. Call is like he's just the smart guy. That's ben trust with every fiber of his being. What would it comes out on that field. So i think that's That's the way that's going to go down. But as key will follow like byron left which in some other guys from the steelers who end up a coaching an offense kind of on that path. But you're right. Except he is also legitimately genius. That i feel like the world would be doing disservice having someone so smart when it comes to rocket scientists literal rocket engineer and then have those talents kind of be used as a as an offensive. Play caller as selfish. Football fan yeah the great but i feel like junk shops might have bigger things in his future so i guess we'll have to wait and see on that you being football coach might pay more so i don't know who knows how does either way i think he's set up pretty good but we are. The are the hour and a half with the the late tonight. The thank you for having tune in at by the way but jeffries or anything you want to plug before we sign off. Yeah i just finished a film room on how the steelers covered the slot of looking at the preseason this year and how they did it covers everything from what the steelers do when they put linebackers on sought receivers how they can move strong safeties their strengths and weaknesses of all the different approaches as well as some of the guys that played in the slot on defense in the preseason this year some of the guys who played as the nickelback I actually remove arthur latte from my article and rewrote a big section of after they submitted. It it's scheduled to run tomorrow. And the steelers resigned. Arthur malate so that's a little funnel on that but but look for that film room and then and then we have coming up the most controversial vertex article that we've ever done days go field. Deny we're going to set steeler nation on fire with this article about eric. Ibran ooh jeeze. Those are great articles by the way ladies and gentlemen who makes sure clicking over on all those vortexes. But before i sign off i do want to bring up this last super chat from sean monahan. Who puts five dollars in the tip. Jar says josh dobson the field matt candid upstairs. Ll i think both guys could be on the field. I think it all works. Maybe might salvin ends up in the booth. Who knows but. I dunno candidates call and place from the booth that is true that is always big ruth. Guy so what comes to bondsteel dot com. It should be still be your one. Stop shop for all things pittsburgh steelers. I know there's been a ton of breaking news the last two days. And we've got a lockdown on our website at everything you can imagine from cuts tracker to breaking down all those practice squad players the additional signings and the moves that are to come like a tj awad extension perhaps a trade or signing another nickel corner other positions moves are common people. They're coming and football is right around the corner.

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