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Buy. It can't believe I'm going to say this your genius well you welcome. I kind of am we're on the earn ten minutes. Maybe we should get that Kleenex out of your nose. I guess what you're in the middle of the Stephen Swift Show podcast David Stephen Smith Show on E._S._p._N.. Radio will cain filling in for Stephen. You can normally catch me three to six eastern on E._S._p._N.. Radio and E._S._P._N.. News you know the hallways of E._S._P._N.. Hanging out around here in between commercial breaks. I got to be honest. It's not that different than some of the stuff you here on radio. You guys know how it works. You Boy Nuno works my show will cain show. He Works Stephen. A Smith Show Cerruti works the will show we keep talking sports into the commercial breaks and what's funny. Is Everybody tries to what you real motive. What are you really talking about here like me asking the question win? Could Saquon Barkley really see hey. My value is X.. Getting paid why and win will running backs push up the renegotiation period and new no New York giant fans like get Outta here. He's just trying to sow division in New York gear meanwhile. I'm like Carson Winston be happy and I'm being told but he won't he won't do of course wins. No no he wants to be. The highest paid no no. He's not what we're not. I'm not just wishing ill on another fan base by saying saquon Barkley you might want to new contract but you are wishing. Ill on the cowboys was making sure Dak tries to get paid like Aaron Rodgers. Let's go to the Shell Pennzoil Performance Line Jack in Idaho. What's up Jackie on the Stephen? Smith show will cain. How's it going with them in all right so I WANNA make <hes> very subtle but honestly I think Zeke should get paid? I not that I think that looks at twenty. Seventeen season. I Made Zeke was a big impact on cowboys voice suspended six games and visit shelter the crash within and I it just in Zach back. Just I don't feel I don't feel in back with them and the raiders was housing. We have to dump that really. I think that was the question will call he was Jack was cruising right along. I can't believe you would have landed it with just an expletive towards the raiders. He was having like a nice cordial conversation about whether or not you pay Dak Prescott Zeke Elliot I do you think that his landing on that triple indie would have been an expletive the raiders we had a dump that 'cause that's what it sounded like. You always pay the quarterback back over the running bag always always if it's even close pay the quarterback over the running back Tim in Kansas City. What's up tim you on the Stephen? A Smith Show will cain well on the correct on another thing really quick one of the think like why would he have hated the raiders talking to cowboys. Why would he wanNA stick landing with a expletive the raiders? That's a weird like emotion to have if he'd said Eagles got it raiders who you're supposed to hate tim right. You're chief's Fan. Where do ah we do you hate the Broncos the raiders or the chargers the most as cheese fans who do you hate the most writers okay all right and despise them despise them and <hes> don't cost you know oh and he'll ever since ever since they threw in dos and the big old guy through windows out of bounds on those Taylor came up and kicked his ass hated the raiders but anyway but but anyway I you know you're you're a smart guy and you know should know you know your limitations? Zach Prescott is not one of the fourth best quarterbacks N._F._l.. He's GonNa talk this team but he's not an top five or ten and yeah I I agree with you. I don't think I've ever put him in either of those categories right. Now I have Jack About Twelfth Tim with I think by the end of this season this season he'll be in the top ten or you told you said one time in just a fourth I watch it and and all I I'm a I'm a an old man with cancer that lays in bed and watches everything about football so you you said he was number four and he he's not number four.

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