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From ABC news I'm Richard cancer reckons are feeling a little better about the economy during this pandemic the conference board says its consumer confidence inched up this month but remained near a six year low Larry Kudlow as a top White House economic adviser people are probably looking down the road they realize this temporary and they believe they're going to go back to work and this is a re opened I think that's a big plus president trump insisting on holding his nominating convention in a packed arena despite the democratic governor of the host state saying it might not be safe the president Monday tweeted a threat to move the Republican convention out of North Carolina if that state won't guarantee he can fill the arena and he wants to have a cooperative governor and making that pursuit happened that being said of course we always assess the facts on the ground at any time press secretary Kaylee McEntee not saying which other governor might allow a predator arena Andy field ABC news Washington in Minneapolis absolutely broadcastify capturing Minneapolis police communications as officers unleashed tear gas on demonstrators protesting the killing in custody of unarmed black man George Floyd suspected of trying to pass a bad check at a convenience store Floyd died ham covered with an officer kneeling on his neck while declaring I can't breathe the police chief fired for officers local and federal prosecutors are investigating for possible criminal charges gas prices are coming back up and fast gas prices rising over eight cents in the past week the energy department reporting the average price of regular unleaded is now a dollar ninety six a gallon nationwide prices are inching up he's more Americans come out of stay at home orders you'd supply and demand still Americans are paying eighty six cents less per gallon for regular unleaded compared to a year ago ABC's Alex stone you're listening to ABC news when used radio time is one oh two members of the Cherokee county sheriff's office with the assistance of the C. B. I. in the F. B. I. continue the missing persons investigation involving Susan Moore few the Chafee county woman who went for a bike ride and never returned in the latest update investigators efforts involve review and follow up on tips reported to the Chafee county sheriff's office to date there have been more than four hundred calls to the tip line designated to collect information related to miss more fuse missing person case additionally the Chafee county sheriff's office confirms that the more few residents has been released back to the family state wide there's a lot of good news on the covert nineteen that battlefront for the first time since the pandemic began hospitalizations are below four hundred and new cases continue the trend downward but one segment of Colorado's population is still higher risk ninety percent of the Colorado so we've lost to corona virus are over the age of sixty the governor says testing has been ramped up a long long term senior care centers this week as shipment of personal protection equipment from the federal government is expected to arrive for workers at those care centers spring is backed by governor Poloz says don't expect a party win Arapahoe basin opens I mean there's no operator ski there's no bars and and dining there's no hanging out on the slopes hello says you'll ski just for the experience of skiing and that's better than no skiing at all Colorado school districts will soon have access to a tool kit to help them decide how to reopen schools three six Coletti provided some of the health advice and guidance includes recommendations for symptom screening isolation of those with symptoms and those who test positive as well as quarantine for those who may have been exposed to the education department is taking comments on the tool kit before it's finalized our next update at one thirty on the echo show on cable news radio eight fifty AM and ninety four one F. M. as we get.

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