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I know that you have got to cut out a little early way. I would love for you to hang on just a little bit longer but before you go three on three. Usa gets go. I ever first time. You know steffi dosage. Jackie young alicia gray alicia. Gray my gosh. She's just so bad tastic and kelsey plug just any thoughts on on on that particular squatted. You know what it may have felt like you. Watching them. achieve such an accomplishment. It was so fun and it was so fast. And that team for some. And i'm still i'm gonna shout katie Kahlo i mean loo- that was just a that's that's a tough situation for her in the timing and everything because she was supposed to be part of that injects came in bill. Dan did great. But i just kept looking. I'm going these. This is just a tough group right like this. These are just leather bound. Tough group of players kelsey plum. You know i'm a pack twelve girl. And so i've known kelsey glenn watch kelsey on for a long time and she's just tough little not that one man just just goes and on alicia lisa gray my i just loved it but i just love the top of it. I just love that. It was sorta like it was gritty. And they were just you know. It was a little down and dirty at super physical. And i'm i was great. And i just loved that group together. Doug it was great. I can't wait to for them to do some more of this. Because i think you could put now you start thinking of combinations of players you could put together in that and how we all know i loved it. Thank you for making some times to joy on his show. I know you have to go to real world stuff. Real stuff right. I know definitely appreciate you appreciate you joining us. It makes some time with us before you go. Please let us know. Do you have anything coming up that we should be aware of. Where can our fans find you social media yet so you always find me on social media. maxima for when three this season for me as wnba dot com so hopefully just providing some insight on wbz dot com. And we on. I've got a little calm coming up just kind of outlined where everybody's gonna be coming off the break. Some of the changes. I mean some teams have big stuff happened over these last few weeks. And they're gonna come in out of the break looking a little different and who's got wet left on their schedule because really we are well past the halfway point i would say they're gonna come back stretch of the wnba season. And so what. That's all been mean so i've got that come out a couple of days in dublin. Back on i will kill mcbride too because they think what she's done in declared in what they've done is the lakes right now and way can certainly weigh in on that. I know it's not quite back to that yet but little something about that because they admitted huge difference for a team that obscenities looking pretty tough. So we'll will definitely be checking you out on wnba by common. Thanks again for making some time for us show. You know anytime. And that's exactly where i wants out with you because hey listen. This has been an interest is easier for Most teams in the wnba. The commissioner cup you players who didn't come back from overseas until later after the had already started but i never keep county soda right like ever ever ever ever ever can. I cannot minnesota. Even when this i i'll looking little shaky nope lay comes off and then The fees are shows up and she's dropping like twenty five and you're like what are we doing. So how have you been able to judge your minnesota leagues up until this part In the season have even it's Right for me to ask if you've been paying attention. Yeah no i have. I have that is absolutely. I you can't. You can't ever count cheryl. I'll just say that in out She's the most competitive person. I think i've ever been around So she's gonna find a way they got after the slopes star in and you could see. He had just come back on her overseas season when a little bit longer than anticipated and so She got back a little bit late. obviously Getting alasia has been Has been the difference right and so Kayla has come on like cleanly found her rhythm. Sylvia there's been a few games in a few points were sylvia's looking like mvp sylvia and she's still is so dominant so good that you know. She's she's still doing it. And so there's one poach that probably is. There's one coach that didn't want the break to happen. It was cheryl because they'd want seven zero going the break. So obviously they're trending up In the right direction. It's going to be a fun as michelle said. It's not even a halfway point. It's gonna be fun last quarter the season sprint to see where everybody gets heated in how these these playoffs are gonna go and hopefully more and more fans can go where there's more and more attendance restrictions lifted so we can get back in these arenas in washer favorite teams pressure for sure. I'm certainly hoping that we could. Gas can pack out the target centers. Just it's a the atmosphere of links basketball up. Gary just amazing and so having that having that feeling back is going to be like another just a couple more before we let you go. You're wearing your simone augusta's t riot and she shocked us all look at that. That's awesome. I definitely i love this so you don't have to. You don't have to wear today. When i knew was coming on the podcast. The shore up telling you need to link because we're going to have the cop one because it's nice however out. We had small on the pie when she first announced her retirement in both china. And i were shot so to part one you know what was your feeling being able to play with such a phenomenal players. Such a game changing player into what are your advice for retirement. Know you had to make that decision either. Dow and that only deciding to retire but doing so moving into the coaching arena. I will for herself off. Like you said simone is You know one of the greatest ever To do this and three times olympian four-time champion onnell's mvp You know i i with simone when See it was. It was two thousand and three. We were playing In a in the they had a cba under twenty one tournament and so it was kind of junior nationals if it was You know elena beer was on that team oldie kendra wecker capi on to make a johnson Tunisia right simone. It's almost two years younger than us. Teach you're right. You're younger so we had a couple with most of our team. We're going to be seniors in college. And we had to. Juniors i think in then mon was a sophomore and she was that good that she played up two years the mvp that tournament as the youngest player. Probably in the room. And i'd never seen anybody make shots shoot from her release point that she has end just her shot..

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