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Verizon has announced that it's chief technology officer hans vest berg will take over as ceo starting august first currency yolo mcadam will retire vesper joined verizon a year ago after being fired as ceo of ericsson during an investor shakeup that's berg has been overseeing the build out of five g by verizon and his selection as ceo is seen as prioritizing networking over media expansion japan's ecommerce company raccoon will acquire ordering and pick up start up curbside curbside was started by former apple engineers and worked with target to develop its store pickup service and then went on to work with cvs on modal orders curbside also works with sephora pizza hut nordstrom and yelp among others kerbsides primary product is called arrive and let's retailers noone customers show up to pick up orders recruiting owns the ichi eastbound marketplace in japan as well as vibrator andy bates dot com the three gaming trade show begins in los angeles next week and the major company press conferences we'll take place this weekend microsoft announcement will be at one pm pacific on sunday sony follows on monday at six pm pacific and intendo will hold its prerecorded announcement tuesday at nine am none of the companies are expected to announce hardware industry sources told nikkei that apple has reduced its parts orders for phones in the coming year by approximately twenty percent apple is expected to announce three new phones later this year finally after agreeing to pay a billion dollar fine to the us to end a supplier ban z t e chairman in yemen apologize to staff and customers saying this issue reflects problems that exist with our firms compliance culture and at management level c t e will also change its board and management within thirty days and put four hundred million dollars in escrow against future fines as of march z t had close to four point seven billion dollars in cash and shortterm investments vailable it's estimated z t e will need a month to begin shipping phones again.

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