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Good. Morning Scorpio today's Friday October. Second Two thousand twenty. Mars retrograde and the Moon in aries conjuncture the dwarf planet heiress mother of chaos, strife, and discord. Heiress was called into consciousness in two thousand and five making this conjunction the first of its kind. Our rebellious streaks may be in rare form. This is Scorpio today a cast original. If you're feeling anxious depressed or overwhelmed better. Help offers licensed online counselors or train to listen and help. Connect with your counselor through secure video phone chat or text. Join the one million plus people getting help with better help. And horoscope today listeners get ten percent off your first month it better help dot com slash horoscope today. That's better. H E L P dot com slash horoscope today. Let's begin your day. Heiress is seen as Pluto's rebellious cousin. She's a dark and distant planet who determines what we fight for. In Nineteen, twenty two, she moved into aries signifying the arrival of the uninvited feminine. This signifies a stripping away of outdated social norms, not only in society, but within ourselves. We discover parts of our soul we repressed. The ways we do not allow ourselves to evolve. Now. Take a moment to reflect on your relationships. oftentimes, problems within our relationships reflect issues we have with ourselves. Consider this when you next, find yourself growing jealous of a partner. Perhaps, you perceive their victory is your failure. Don't be too hard on yourself. We are all guilty of this sometimes. Contemplate your path to personal growth. Right now, errors is coming into an uncomfortable square with Saturn include how It will be vital to manage anger and emotions in a healthy way. Today consider what hurt you still hold over the next two days we explore ways of processing.

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