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John Cryer, Paul, Blake Jay Harris discussed on How Did This Get Made?


Yeah up everybody it's time for how to get me who bone is episode ooh everybody is paul's here and welcome to this get made bonus episode he didn't expect episode to drop today but it did and you are in luck because blake jay harris has gotten an interview with one of the best guest we've ever gotten on the podcast this somebody that i personally just think is comedic ly great he had a huge effect in my life i remember him from a film called hiding out which i was obsessed with as a kid i need to rewatch that i also loved show that he did shortlived tv show called the famous teddy zee he was in pretty in pink as one of the best characters at all time duckie you know of course from like every episode of two and a half men he was even in june's movie aspect words he's just someone who always working in as always good and has as such a crazy catalog films that he is the perfect guest for like sit down and talk to and of course a main focus of our conversation is going to be about superman four the quest for peace he dishes the dirt and it's great everything that you wanted to know about superman four we're going to get into today with blake and john cryer i cannot wait for you guys to listen to it so without any further do take it away blake.

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