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Morning Christmas Eve Morning news, Scott said. We're hearing for hell. J and Brian Estrogen got stupid joke money. Coakley Raza Board, Nicolo say in the news room as well. A new survey put out by access. You guys know Axios, this is AH news service. They lean kind of left. This isn't a political story, though, but they're usually pretty easy to read. If you just know they lean left a little bit, But they put out a pole with surveymonkey. Okay, the top 10 most watched and most enjoyed Christmas movies by Americans. All right, I've got the top 10 in front of me. Want to see if you guys can rattle off some of these s O money s. Oh, just take it And I'm gonna say probably got Grinch in their trenches. Number five. You're gonna have home alone in their room alone is number three before we go any further. Which Grinch are they talking about? They're talking about the one with Boris Karloff for the one with Joe Jim Carrey how the Grinch stole Christmas. Let's see which I think is the Newest, and I think that's no I think that's the Jim Carey. What was it? OK. All right? Yeah. How the Grinch stole Christmas is Jim Carey. I've got to say Christmas vacation will be on that list. Christmas vacation is number four. So you've got 34 and five itself on the list office number six help killing us So far, you still don't have one and two. It's a wonderful life. There's number one That's a wonderful about 34th Street. Miracle on 34th Street is Number seven. So you've got one and you've got three through seven. Oh, Ralphie. Christmas story. Christmas story is number two. I watched that for the first time this year, by the way, Yeah, your head. I'm not anymore. Yeah, I loved it was fantastic. You learned in Italian word? Yes, Yes. Ready? Yes. Yeah. All right. Three more. You got 89 and 10. You guys haven't gotten the 10. Most liked Christmas movies by Americans. Um You mentioned one of them earlier kind of jokingly. Boy. Die hard. Die hard is number nine on the list. So America Thanks. Diehard is a Christmas movie. Half of America is up in arms, right? I don't think you don't think you'll get number 10 because I don't think this is classified as a Christmas movie, but I think it does take place during Christmas. Uh, it's a it's a romantic comedy type vibe. With the British lead actor. Oh, God, It's got to be. What's his name? Sean Connery's Christmas Better but the hunt for Red October? Yes. Called love. Actually, it's love actually is correct. Love actually is number 10 1 of my favorite and All we're missing is number eight. And my head to you on this one. Before we go to traffic. It was not going to be on the air. But PBS came through last minute. Oh, Charlie Brown Charlie Brown's Christmas number eight on this last day, because it's not a movie. Well, I guess the special but Yeah, It's not a really full length, so it's still is one of us. Yeah, that's the point. I am disappointed that Apple TV took that away. I'm disappointed that the peanuts people let that happen. Yeah. Right, Right. Right. Your congressman, I don't have to. Because because, 10 years ago we bought the DVD. Oh, yeah, Yeah. Yeah, I think I have. I've got the Halloween, the Thanksgiving and the great. It's great pumpkin, right? And then the Christmas all all in one little package. Yeah, it's a 22 A W b A P. Let's come back and do another stupid duck Christmas classic. But first traffic.

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