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Health, joined today with zero enrollment fee offer ends October 31st visit Y M C A. D c dot org's to learn more I'm Rita Kessler. W t o p Traffic w T O P 40 forecast from Lauren Rickets doesn't get much betterthan this plenty of sunshine today those temperatures at 80 degrees and again that's above normal for this time of year. But it's beautiful. Now it is windy, too breezy winds out of the southwest 10 to 20 Miles an hour could see some higher gusta times as we continue right on into the evening when settled down after about seven or eight o'clock tonight, and then A few clouds rolling in overnight ahead of a dry front. We're just going to see some cloud cover for meant no rain forties and fifties overnight And then tomorrow and Friday plenty of sunshine, but that temperature Only around 70 most of Saturday try increasing clouds mid to upper seventies could have some rain late Saturday night through Sunday, possibly into Monday, and that would be remnants of Hurricane Delta. Working. Delta should make landfall later on Friday along the Gulf Coast in the meander to the North and east will have to see how that impacts us. Later in the weekend. I'm starting for meteorologist Lauren Rick. It's beautiful sunshine getting into the seventies, all across town, 77 in Manassas, 74 in Annapolis. In northwest Washington also 74 degrees highs around 80 today, It's 1 51. Just into the W T o the newsroom Derrick show. Vin, the former Minneapolis police officer charged in the death of George Floyd has posted bond and is being released.

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