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Hello hello i'm ted sightings and this is capital algiers this show is an open exploration of the people and process behind capital allocation through conversations with leaders in the money game we learned had these holders of the keys to the kingdom allocate their time and their capital can keep up to date by visiting capital allocators podcast dot com my guest on today's show is jim dunn the c o n chief investment officer of verger capital management and outsource cio business who's anchor client is weak forest university part of forming verger he served as chief investment officer of wake forest for five years that transition from a sole client to in olshey iowa business is a fascinating part of our conversation before joining wake jim traveled the world as chief investment officer of wilshire associates where among other things he experienced the best story of a manager getting their foot in the door that i've ever heard he got his start in the business trading death spiral convertible bonds at a now defunct hedge fund clean got introduced to manager selection while at investor force our conversation starts with jim's career path and covers a full range of issues in allocating capital we discussed defining risk tolerance a factor based approach to asset allocation separating talent from luck in manager selection the politics of endowment management challenges using internal management and culture if you listen carefully you'll hear a few oneliners jim is chockfull of gems and life lessons.

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