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Reds and Brewers tonight Rights trying to bounce back Find some offense, pair that with some pitching and defense and get a much needed win 27 games down 33 to go. The Reds begin tonight with the second worst winning percentage of the 15 teams in the National League, the Reds and then the Pirates in the basement. Let's check scores brought to you by Nix Go Plumbing, Choose pro. Choose. Nix, Go and Brand Standards Kangaroo with over 20 Years is your hometown roofing expert. One final. The Astros over the Angels today. 63 other games in progress. Bottom three, This game was delayed a bit by rain there back to baseball. It's game one of to the Marlins lead the Mets four to nothing. The fillies over the Washington Nationals for one bottom five gone bottom to Boston has put four on the board early. The Blue Jays four to nothing and also bottom, too. It is Tampa Bay over Baltimore three toe one games under the lights tonight yet to get underway, Actually, the Cubs were just underway was going to say, involving National League Central Division teams, the red hot Cubbies. Take on Detroit tonight in Detroit, and the Pirates are in Chicago to take on the White Sox, the central division. As play begins tonight. Cubs lead Cardinals or three games back. Brewers are 5.5 games back. Reds are 6.5 back and the Pirates are nine back by the way. Think of the Cardinals for a second. Kernels have 10 wins. The Reds have 11 The cardinal season was paused for.

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