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So many strike outs. And gobs ks. Yup that's kind of that's kind of what he does. This actually cuts a little bit of a twenty eighteen. Twenty nine thousand nine matthew boyd profile except for the fact that his walk rates even better the homerun rates worse but in those years. Boyd had a mid fours. Era so generally something that performs like this would generate a much higher era. And i guess that's the concern. If you get ready now do you get the four twenty the rest of the way but maybe with a good whip and a bunch of strikeouts. He's a ninety two percent left on base rate. I mean that's coming down. Even the is gonna come up a little bit. But i still think like what's a sierra. Sierra is the three crap. I don't think they neutralize comes like yeah because it's right with along with his accent. Yeah but i mean you look at his ex rates. Three ninety one so like genucel is why. I mean to say as three ninety one i think he could probably post amid highs three are a result especially with this new ball and in. He pretty good so i. I'm just holding them. I'm probably not gonna like if if someone's trying to sell high on him or you know i'm probably not buying but i'm also not trying to sell them right now. I think that's that's all fair. Yep and the guy would have with robin. Where where are you going. What are you gonna move to. Because i think he's well when you're rankings. Right now he's doing. You have eighty. Obviously that's not going to hold got him at thirty two feels pretty pretty good. I feel i feel alright. How that's had to killing it. Yeah he's probably gonna come up into at least the forties Higher ray than you probably maybe thirty two high. I mean i'm going to go look at your list like i can't rationalize putting him up there. Yeah i don't have a strong quibbles. Against i mean i probably ask them probably have cranky ahead of them probably a free to them but in a sunny grave. Centigrade wasn't on the i l i gotta move him off my nam. Maybe i'm gonna head of them. Okay but like yeah. So i think like probably high thirties. Low forties is kind of where. I'm an album okay. I think that's fair. So i'll probably update mind here this weekend outlook i i think it is fair ranking on what he's done and i have to focus more on where it's going to be some of names you're mentioning sound right to me to be ahead of them down upwards of eight to ten ranks. I think i'm gonna end up being high forty for ray right now. 'cause that home run rain is just too scary. It's just you darn scary right now. Yeah it's hard. Because i mean the strike on upside is so huge massive. That's what you're looking for in your league in behind him. He's a real difference maker. In a category at this point he diplo at my ratios tubes. Ratios moved so quickly. I want you know the thing is though the ira goes up. I wonder if he could be one of those guys who maybe has a little bit. Higher are a but a great whip still like joe muss grove in his. He's not walking. Guys is no reason to think he can't. Yeah that's i mean like joe grew up not in its peak but previously when he would have like four zero six zero one. Eighteen wit type deal three hundred sixty. Ra one twenty four with the one. Twenty four was a little higher but like back. We've seen guys like that before. He's talked about how. Those guys can be underrated at times. Compared to the other type of guy which rain was which was the better era higher whip. And so i think they're still going to be value here even as this regresses because like you said the strikeout rate is just too dominant too much. Good goodness there with ray. So i think still pretty still pretty body and i'm going to move him down a few spots. You've convinced me that he's got to be a little bit lower just to account for the fact that that will go up but hats off to mr yoga pants he he did shift to tight pants and i wonder if that's really what's driving walker. Bueller does it so like why wouldn't you just a lander kind of set the trend thinking about switching to myself. I think you should. I'm already do have them. I'm not good at pitching. But i'm better because i wear tight pan all right just and that's going to wrap it up a little bit of a small one today because the news. Just there isn't a ton of news if there's like an overarching topic that anybody's interested in or even individual players. Let us know. We're always happy to take suggestions on that sort of stuff. If there's somebody who wants to dive into justin. Do you have anything else. No i don't think so. I'm excited for our watch party today. So this appropriate pupil won't be hearing this time. Probably the join us but you should join us in the future. were two. don't watch parties but seems like thursday or kind of as kind of the day. I think that that is kind of kind of working out as as the best day right now. So if you're trying to plan in the future. I think thursday would probably be your best day wednesday or thursday. So you know. If you have flexibility on both you'll be in no matter what but thursday's have really been.

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