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Actually think it would be a favored a republican senator warren appealing to this data especially that donald president trump one think about michigan ohio pennsylvania wrong those of you could you could name a few strongholds if you want but trump won because he wasn't hillary trump won because he was the populist candidate and that's exactly what she would go for she go for the populist candidacy and i think she would win she probably be a lot cheaper than president trump to protect too this secret service faces a cash crunch man the mainstream media loves members of the balance family he team members guys the agency says it will reach salary and overtime caps at the end of the month of september jeffrey gazes in washington with how that agency is calling on lawmakers for help who jeff good morning jeff morning the secret is in congress to raise the combined salary in overtime cap for agents by nearly thirty thousand dollars a year for the remainder of president trump's first term but even if that kind of proposal were to pass nearly one hundred thirty veteran agents would not be fully compensated for the hundreds of hours already worked in the first seven months of the trump administration the secret service have been so busy that hundreds of agents will hit their maximum pay and not be eligible for over time in a statement the director of the secret service admitted that roughly 1100 employees will work overtime hours in excess of the statutory pay capped now everybody loves a little low t but um when it's getting to the point where like you have to work the ot because what you got to protect the president but you might not get paid doesn't create a good working environment does its.

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