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The fourday wbz accu weather all week watching the storm system now close would come to new england good news is most of it looks like it will stage oh south tonight's increasing cloud cover jesuit showers so long southcoast low near sixty two tomorrow will see the highest chance of showers across the south coast the cape and the islands a gusty east breeze attend to thirty otherwise we'll see a mix of sun and clouds for interior areas highs near seventy four inland and sixty nine at the coast sunday mostly sunny very dry air nice ii over the weekend they're eighty and linda seventy three of the coast of the gusty north east breeze especially toward the kate monday let's mostly sunny warm behind your '86 i'm wbz tv meteorologist eric fisher wbz newsradio 1030 and we have a mix of sun and clouds quite humid seventy now 300 six governor baker signs into law today the compromise marijuana bill hammered out by the house ensue senate it calls for a maximum twenty percent sales tax on recreational pod and it gives local towns and cities who voted against the ballot referendum more power to block plot shops governor baker was initially against the ballack question legalizing recreational marijuana in mass but he says he is committed to carrying out the will of the voters and coming up we're going to see what wall street is doing looks like a little bit of a mix but the dow is wild very close to twenty two thousand getting closer we're going to check in with tracey jockey also sports baton cut a big sports news for the socks straight at the show okay kfi kfi batty sandy kozel they don't as an easy some two guys they also accepting boats motorcycles rvs in real estate donations cbs thursday go tv's number one comedy though big bang theory brings you scientific breakthrough sent me the asteroid is interesting discovery was a good enough on a collision course with earth and destroy life as we know it in genius inventions must really good i could easi bay governor my mom in fact story action you have a gigantic and.

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