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And American Foundation for suicide prevention and United survivors to help create the nation's first set of national guidelines for workplace suicide prevention, there's no escaping the fact anymore that workplaces are impacted clearly by mental health issues. I think that's been on the table for a while. But even within the conversations of mental health suicide is often skipped over because it's so daunting to people, but people can't deny any more that. It's working people primarily that are dying by suicide. Many of these people are working or were just recently terminated or have a family member who's working so workplaces can make a huge difference in this area of public health approaches to suicide prevention, so we're just starting that we've been doing a summer of listening and gathering resources and information strategy and again that'll happen. That'll come out later this year. So we all players to get on board. It sounds good. The you mentioned earlier that you know, when you were talking about the international aspect of things are you taking leads from other countries what they're doing. Absolutely. So when it comes to the workplace guidelines, for example, Canada has had a set of psychological safety standards, which is encompassed suicide prevention and goes beyond they've had those for almost a decade now. Australia also has huge leader in innovation around where play suicide prevention they have a program called mates in construction has been operating for upwards of of. Twenty years, and they have return on investment studies. They have you know, infiltrated a good Tunc of the population of their whole country. I mean, they're just doing remarkable work. And so they really are models for us when I look at some of the Asian countries that have had decreases and their suicide rates hardly any work at all is being done around the house. They're focused almost entirely on reducing access to lethal means in some of the countries it's pesticide and some of the other countries. It's charcoal. Do sing access to leap a means. And the second strategy that they've found hugely successful is partnering with the media and having the media, Sarah, different types of stories around aside, less glamorizing romanticizing and far less talking about the means and those two strategies together have produced some significant drops. And right interesting. How very Sally. Thank you again for joining us..

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