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The host witnessed cooperating atlanta primary i'm elliot francis portrayal of trump attorney michael cohen has agreed to cooperate with state and federal investigators looking into russian meddling part of a plea deal new york times reporter william rush burns says jean friedman and cohen have significant time business for at least dating back to twenty twelve for a period of time mr friedmann managed mr collins new york taxi medallions and they were pretty close business associates in florida suspect who had barricaded himself tuesday and his panama city home after an earlier shooting it's been found dead in the residence bay county sheriff's office identified the dead suspect as forty nine year old kevin robert holroyd or load was wanted in connection with a homicide and central rosa beach in walton county so far no indication holroyd died well stacy adams is one step closer to becoming the nation's first black female governor after winning the democratic nomination in georgia speaking to supporters tuesday night abrahams that our campaign is all about fighting for a better future for residents interstate be clear our mission is about more than success at the ballot box in november our mission is to see beyond the challenges that face us to create a georgia where our dreams that are aspirated become real and lasting legacies we are trying to create a state of excellent schools with jobs that create wealth and opportunity with good leaders who stand up for all of us prizewinning novelist philip roth has died roth was celebrated and controversial author portnoy's complaint counter life and other novels he died tuesday night of congestive heart failure philip roth was eighty five i'm elliot francis attention all authors page publishing.

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