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I think i could do everything to myself and i ask you a question nothing i wouldn't do to my own body have have you thought about being a kamboi i mean i it's crossed my mind i haven't looked into it but i would do it like i've got no shame in it you would dan you'll be okay with you doing it and what is what is it cam boy does that mean dudes and ladies they they pay you they give you tokens or how this works then they say hey i want you to do this and then you do that i guess but you know when i think about it i i i think pull it off okay all right well you know i'm i'm all for it i support your your aspirated i mean i would just worry that things would be getting a little you know there would be some requests that would be a little too it's gonna be gross and then people are going to screen shot and then you know when you're a dad one day if yeah that's the thing if i wasn't in radio if i wasn't here i could probably kamboi but people are going to see me out in a bow you'd be rich yeah you would make a lot of money but you think so yes condition i'm in right now he's really considering this you see that temptation in his i i know i know times are tough i mean they're they're tougher john so if he's looking to make some extra easy cash i mean what i mean so so there's the typical you know the old you know the cranking go you know that's that's probably that's probably the number one request right well then i worry about them asking me to do stuff tomorrow but that's what i worry about you you've expressed on the air that you're open to that kind of thing but it's just a very vulnerable the money is to think that you know i'm i'm camping there by myself and you know just ask up for the world to see listen weep i man these days i feel like for a specially women if they're looking to make some money the cam world it's very lucrative yeah i'm not shutting that door i mean my only concern would be you know then people are sending pitchers on their posting them on the bone twitter page facebook page we know we know a couple of models that we had who is in the studio with us oh yes miss elizabeth miss elizabeth she's into the game he's great i love nc i don't because she has sex with her man non film so i think about that often too but it's just it's because i'm i'm probably have a little bit of psycho in me that i don't like the idea of other men seeing my woman right well that's you know that's where the money comes in they're not necessarily paying to see you they want to see her in the act right i don't think i could do that either write me yeah oh no i don't think so no i mean but what's the what's the cost i mean let's say you you could new that you could fill a thirty minute video and that was worth seventeen hundred bucks no i don't think so no at the thirty minute video lives on the internet forever i don't think i could do it what would be the price that you would.

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