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So yeah let's talk about this editing room and that is sure so the concept of editing is really that other people in the company are going to be doing most of the work and your role is just like an editor is to simplify things so generally if you think about the the classic connotation of someone editing a paper you wrote they're usually redlining a lot and red lines are mostly clarify asking some clarifying questions but also eliminating words so simplification means eliminating saying no so that's one role second things editor tends to add consistency so consistency of voice across different chapters a different contributors in an accompany different parts of the team in editor also is good hiring so for example editors responsible for overall coverage let's say of a newspaper and here she may decide you know what our business team needs some boosting we're not getting the best business coverage so i'm gonna go find some new business writers so that's that's another way to think about is you're editing the team you're insisting on a consistent voice and you're clarifying and simplifying and that's really what you do every day as an executive this hiring thing and we have the saying highest lowly fire quickly what does that mean for you well i don't quite i don't subscribe to that no i don't hire slowly i often hire very fast i've hired people off of twitter like i just read their tweets like hey you should come work us.

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