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Pointed a finger at Meyer Lachmann and said in Yiddish. At the top of his voice he killed my son that Batman killed my son. CID's grandfather is accusing his father of killing his favorite uncle. Sid Luchman is watching this. That's hard to believe he wasn't devastated. Sid along with his mother and three siblings were present in the courtroom where his father father and two accomplices were convicted of the murder of Sam. Druckman Meyer Lachmann was sentenced to twenty years to life at Sing Sing Correctional Facility Amid the grisly murder trial headlines Sid Luchman considered dropping out of Columbia but head football coach Lou. Little took his distraught quarterback under his wing and convinced him to stay said quickly became a college football sensation now. Nineteen thirty eight mire. Hire Luchman has been in sing sing for two years. Sid appears on the cover of life magazine as America's best passer because he's just upset upset army with an incredible fourth quarter comeback at West Point Life magazine. It's a million readers in. The story describes them as the Husky but shy shy son of a New York truck driver there was no direct mention of Meyer Lachmann and no mention at all of his crime. I mean it's phenomenal a nominal that this story just disappeared that every sports writer in town who clearly knew what had gone on knew about the murder read the papers knew about at this guy said did not ever mention Meyer Lachmann in their coverage of Sid luck but Luchman quarterback for three years at Columbia the bears selected him in the nineteen thirty nine. NFL draft in a second season. He leads the bears to the first of of four championships. The most lopsided victory in NFL history the final score Chicago seventy three Washington nothing and he becomes a national sport. Celebrity throughout at all sit always kept family secret clearly. He didn't want this to get out. And it became severed from the story of Sin Lachmann and then completely forgot visited his father in prison when he could little is has known about those visits. Because sid never talked about them in early. Nineteen forty four Meyer. Lachmann was suffering from a heart condition. He was eligible for parole in five years. Sid who never believed his father was guilty. Tried to get him out of sing. Sing on compassionate release. Didn't work Meyer. Luchman died at sing sing in late January of nineteen forty four and never saw his son play a single game in college at Colombia or for the Chicago. Oh bears inside. LINEMAN's nineteen forty nine ghost written autobiography. He barely mentions Meyer Luchman at all the closest. He comes to mentioning engineer. His father's name.

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