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LBJ News Time is now 802. Good morning. I'm Mark Caesar. This update is brought to you by a m and collision. Austin's mayor again calls on the state to beef up vaccine inventory, Family emergency room and Williams, a county and you detail medical school are the two new hubs included by the state this week, Mayor Steve Adler tells CBS Austin he certainly happy to see the progress opening up multiple hubs and additional opportunities, I think is great. Anything against our community. The greater supply of the vaccine. But often public health is the only other distribution hub in the area. And Adler says that's just not cutting it. His demand a skyrocketing, he thinks the community won't truly begin to be safe until upwards of 70% of people have gotten both covert 19 shots. Patrick Osborne News Radio K L B J Governor Rabbit will be in Houston today for a discussion with health care workers in the fight against coronavirus. He'll provide updates on the state's efforts to get more vaccines. Abbott will also lay out his main priorities for the Legislature dealing with the pandemic. A plan is in the works to overhaul South Pleasant Valley Road by adding new divided lanes, sidewalks and bike pats. Mobility Authority engineer Mike Sexton tells Kick CNN The plan would include realigning the road and connecting it with S H 45. That's all designed to improve safety. The road today needs needs an improvement already just because there is already significant amount of traffic demand in that area to $12 million project. It still needs full approval, but construction could begin by sometime next year. As of today to campuses in the Manger School district have moved to 100% Virtual learning, Presidential Meadows Elementary and Maynor senior high will make that move temporarily, according to district officials. This is going to a number of staff needing to quarantine 804 Kale, BJ. Here's Austin's on Time traffic with Melinda Brandt. Flow traffic conditions in round rock on 35 south bound in between old settlers Boulevard and McNeil and then 35 North bound, also dealing with slow traffic starting as you're approaching slaughter and extending to staff, me and brake lights popping up on 1 83 North found in between Cameron Road and Colin rode your next report today. 15 I Melinda brilliant with Austin's on time traffic. Today. Occasional rain and drizzle are high today at 70 from the Weather Center. I'm Steve Williams. This segment be three. Get off the news on demand and news,.

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