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I f. High forty nine KLIF you're gonna fill out a bracket this year for them. No, no alone. Anything about the college sports? And so I just don't. I love the rest of the world goes mad for March. I just in the past. We've had a bracket challenge here at work. Yeah. Yeah. I wonder if anyone is going to be insurance the guy who used to do that. Excuse me. So you could do it. You've got a vested interest in this. Yes. It's too much work the first game in his hand. He'll do it. Yeah. They'll collect the the quite a bit of sports talk because I'm mostly interested in the Cowboys. And I'm also interested in the Rangers somewhat to the Mavs. But I just don't get into the college sports because I don't, you know, I don't know the teams, I don't know anything about the players and the players change all the time, and it's just a little date. It's just too much for me. So I consider March madness. I as I like to call March madness, it's podcast season. Well, students across the warming globe. I'm gonna read this the way it's written. Pleaded for their lives. Their future. I heard about this and the planet demanding tough action on climate change. According to the Associated Press one hundred and fifty thousand students and teachers walk out of class on Friday. In your hands and crying, big alligator tears because the world. The reports out there over the weekend. Said it's too late. There's nothing we can do. There's nothing we can do to stop the. They're forecasting. I don't have the details in front of me therefore, leasing house from farting. Cats are already slotted all the cows. And now they're saying that it's going to be worse than originally predicted. And that there will be coastal flooding, and there will be mass migrations of people around the world from formerly temperate regions that will now be incapable of supporting produce, you know. Farms, and I mean, it's just a horrific apocalyptic cyclical. I mean, we went through the ice age, and then the thawing, and then all that kind of stuff blinds far as I was concerned is all this is supposed to happen by the year. Twenty one hundred. Okay. Speaking of the great great grandkids will have to deal with that. And I'm sorry for them. But there's nothing there's nothing we as individuals can do not a why the insist on scaring people what we can do. We can try to bring back the willy mammoth. You're trying to get out of this story. Okay. The animal's been extinct for nearly four thousand years. Global warming. Right. Well, they're not really trying to bring it back. But they say it's possible. At twenty eight thousand year old mammoth and they've transplanted them into a mouse. The cells. Else that'll be that'll be an accomplishment. The cells were taken from a mammoth that scientists called Yuka. Who would have been seven at the time of her death. But the mammoth has been dead for twenty eight thousand years that are carcass was in pretty good shape, jazz ounce, still had viable DNA. So she looked pretty good isn't that what you always say when passes away? Now, look at them in the coffee, and it looks great for being dead. Ability. Then we have this court order from Judge Kevin Burke of the fourth district court in Hennepin county, Minnesota. Yeah. He's lived there since he was his junior high school. Yeah. And he's fed up with snowstorms. So he has issued.

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