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Caught offside with Agra gumming and JJ Davani. Yes. Cut off side from the Upper West side of Manhattan. Andrew gundy. JJ Danny what's up other? How are you? Quite frankly, not good, not happy. But. Here's the thing. You've got to do a podcast, right? Not taught podcast, and we just had Dan dormer on from London is blue podcast the other day, and I saw him tweeting about it. So maybe we have new Chelsea listeners tonight. And I don't and like I don't want this to just be a weep fest for myself and Tottenham fans because I I know the other side of that like, you know, I'm one of those people who like when the eagles beat the bears in the playoffs and bears fans were just like ranting, and raving they were so angry about everything and this and that like their tears sustain me. So I don't want to feed the people might ears. You know what I'm saying? I don't I don't want them to just be like. Yeah. Come on cry. I want you to cry. Like, I I'm not gonna give it to them. Try to me like he says, I won't let not gonna let them have the satisfaction. Here's the thing though. I'm okay with you. I've I've I don't wanna sound bad because you indulge me after Kiev, and I went to Kiev for the Champions League twenty last year. So you indulge me. I've always been nothing, but kind to you in moments of week, I will be kind. But there will be a moment where I'm like, no speed. We have freely openly. I'm gonna I'm gonna be harsh to Tottenham. Usually I give I give them typically soft landing spot. I'm usually the guy who like oh Daniel leaving no signings. Here's why. That's okay. Oh, the stadiums. Not ready yet. Here's what you shouldn't care. I I don't feel. I actually feel angrier about their situation right now than than I usually do. Okay. Well, Joe I would just say this that there are other good things in the podcast like we've got your mail accident, male or traveling mail. Even someone went up volcano. It was a Spurs fan. She didn't hurt herself into the volcano. She may have regretted that decision, and we have red cards amount of the match. Yeah. I I'm gonna give you people may shut this off immediately. When I say this. But I haven't all LS red card man of the match. So what? You're killing the end of the pod. Why can't you show? Even the slightest respect for our domestic league. All you ever do is tell people to go out to their local, right? But when we're talking about our local clubs here in the United States. All you do is make fun of it. No. I mean when you go to your local club. I mean in the United States, I rea- a recognized that I've no I'm not saying anything, it's just like when I turn on the radio in New York. It's Yankees hot stove. I'm like, I don't want to hear. But I'm a Mets fan. I don't wanna hear about the Mets in the off season. Well, barely wanna hear about them in April or you're going to hear some MLS or not, okay? In fact, everyone just fast forward to that. Now. Let's say JJ, I'm going to at least mention that. Manchester City did score a goal to beat Bernabe by an aggregate of ten nil dot was one lopsided half of the draw. If you're Burton now, I know that it's it's great for them to have gotten this far because there's money and things. Sure. But like, I remember I asked you after Brazil got hammered by Germany in the World Cup, and we throughout the question would Brazil have just been better off losing normally to Columbia in the round before rather than having that happened around. It's not the Burton would it should they have just gone out in the quarterfinals like to one have to suffer through a ten nil. No. But if I'm Middlesboro who they knocked out. I'm looking at that. And I'm thinking, I we definitely you gotta think that Tony pulic site would have given. A better game too, much or city. You think you've got it think they lost the first leg JJ? Yeah. Probably they would have had what happens. If Burton score that goal that chance they missed in the first leg. Even pretending to imply right now. Ten times at the head. That's embarrassed. I'm actually embarrassed for you trying to suggest well enjoy it because I'm about to get a book load of your environment..

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