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I will not count the suspect as a victim the suspect. And then sergeant hilas in all thirteen people including a sheriff's deputy are dead. The of the gunman are unclear although sheriff dean says I have nothing to lead made a believe or the FBI that there is any terrorism link here, but we certainly will look at that option. Jim Ryan ABC news. It's seven thirty two at News Radio. Eight forty W H A S new details. Coming out on a southern Indiana cop finding herself on the wrong side of the law. Jeffersonville police officer Rebecca Bose's booked into the Clark county jail Wednesday on misdemeanor and felony charges. As part of a criminal investigation by the Clark county sheriff's department, according to jail records, Moses facing intimidation criminal mischief battery, not resulting. An injury charges Jeffersonville chief Kenneth Cavanaugh placing Moses on leave suspending her police powers, a former Lova police officer facing federal charges involving the explorer program sex scandal, a grand jury indicting, Kenneth bets on charge them enticement and possession and distribution of child. Pornography bats, one of two former L mpg officers already facing state charges of sexually abusing deans in the explorer program. The other is Brandon would US attorney Russell Coleman. It is a sad day for law enforcement of the underlying charges. But it's also a sad day because of the impact on this particular organization an independent investigation concluded Lova police mishandled the abuse allegations. But there was no cover-up at headquarters or city hall. Several lawsuits have been filed by the alleged victims today in the nation's capital. A rare visit to the supreme court for President Trump, but a traditional event for the newest Justice will be different President Trump. And the first lady will visit the supreme court. Today attending the investiture ceremony for new Justice. Brett Kavanagh the event is the traditional ceremonial welcome. For only justices usually the new Justice will walk down the courts marble front steps following the ceremony accompanied by the chief Justice, but Cavanaugh will not do that today. The court said that decision was made out of an abundance of caution due to security concerns. Karen Travers, ABC news, the White House, Joaquin El Chapo Guzman. Looking for a little love before opening statements in his drug conspiracy trial next Tuesday, the alleged Mexican drug kingpin and accused murderer asking to be allowed to give his wife. A brief hugging court now that the seven woman five man jury has been picked the judge has yet to rule on Gu's men's request for a hug a busy sports in Laval tonight at Lynn stadium lovo city f c going up against Phoenix trying to defend their USSL Cup. That game is an eight downtown at the KFC YoM center. It's the beginning of the Chris Mack era nickel stayed in town. Face the cards. That's a seven o'clock tip off your next news update. Coming at eight. I'm will Clark NewsRadio eight forty W H A S, Kentucky, Anna's, breaking news, weather, and traffic station..

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