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Let me finish my Turner your if you want the ball back, you know, because you've got nothing left over there. I promise you. So what happened when that confrontational team meeting took place? Danny green was the only spur who stepped up and shot down every report that said it was confrontational. Even the great Adrian wilting arou- ski of ESPN tweeted about how confrontational the meeting was that had been put on the hot seat by the entire basketball team and Danny green tweeted back, couldn't be more incorrect. L l. that's from Danny green. Then Danny green came to LA with the Spurs. And did Chris broussard's podcast. We're gonna have Chris talk about this and just a few minutes on the show. And he said. Said in that podcast, hey, we're not at odds with lynyrd. We all have his back. Let's the only spur who was saying that, what does that tell you? Mr. sharp. So now let's look back already. Yeah, so this is Danny Green's premier podcast called inside the green room. This is Danny green solo. Okay, on a podcast. So he wants to do everything in his power to make feel better and look better about what happened last year as the two of them go up to Toronto. So he practiced a little revisionist history. Dare I say about what happened with his groin injury last year and how he should have gotten a second opinion baloney he should have. Let's look back at what happened started. He started off the year with the pulled hamstring which I'm going to guess, led to the pull groin as he was wobbling a little bitty little out of your. So he strains it or it's plaguing him, and he goes to get an MRI and they say, we see some gray in there on the. MRI we see a strain. We see some some inflammation of your growing area, the Spurs nobody says, played through it, take your time, take a couple of weeks off. So he misses five straight games in early January, and then he proclaims himself deems himself. I'm good. I'm coming back. So he he said, he was fine. He says in the podcast, I felt good about it and I came back and played and by the way, if he had her torn groin that they misdiagnosed. Do you think he could play in the NBA? I I know torn groins I know it. I know torn hamstrings. You cannot play. So guess what happened? He comes back with this quote, unquote, groin injury that's healed on February. I just a couple of weeks later. They play Houston at home. He mostly guards, James, harden it. He scores twenty two points. You think you can do that with the torn? Groin. I think not on February twenty. Fifth, they go to Cleveland. He guards LeBron James for much of the game, and he scores twenty two points. Thank you. Can do that on a torn. Groin. I think not don't give me miss die. Diagnosis. He was doing just fine. I'm going to remind you again, Kawai lynyrd refused to play with a Bruce. I spoke to a doctor who saw the Moore is nothing wrong with the knee noth- no damage to the bone. No hip damage. So there's no joint damage, no structural damage anywhere it's soft tissue. He's got a bruised thought the quadriceps muscle or the tendon. I should say it's bruised and somehow it continues to play him to the point. You have to miss seventy three games with that. Are you kidding me? So the Spurs staff, trainers and doctors are just pulling their hair out saying, we gave him half the basketball season midseason. We declare him healthy enough to play basketball because they were patient with Danny green for two weeks. And he said, I'm fine and Danny green played all the way..

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