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I know that sounds completely weird but i've always been kind of like how does how do you do it when i was doing physics in college i used to hang out with the business people because i was kind of how do you do the business that i was like i wanted to hear the process and they thought i was crazy but i guess it kind of came full circle now that i think about it today you are head of product at two fi correct so what is to be so to fee is a product i started really only few months ago i have for some time now wanted to create a product managers product let's how he used to describe it it was a ridiculous thing but the goal then was i wanted a product that helps you do product management but an intern made you a better product manager just for having used it i used everything from a hod trello to jira pivotal every product out there very great for project management and so my original idea for to fee i think before even i had i was thinking of the name defy was i saw that a lot of companies just didn't understand how to experiment and what to do with experimentation and so i started there and so i did a lot of customer development and ended up with a very disappointing result and the result of this customer development was go out and meeting with people in starbucks all over the anywhere they were i went i sit up meeting after meeting all types of company all types of product person nuder product old the product everyone had this need was it was very clear from my interviews they also be experimenting more they all needed help.

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