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But that's all right. It's a challenging city. The language is difficult, but I love languages and I I loved being around. This bustling. Culture of so much happening whether it were whether was. Artistic or business or just the sheer fact that you have so many different styles of architecture right next door to each other as a product of the different eras in Russian history. It's a huge. Art Project in some ways and it's fascinating. It was challenging and fascinating and wonderful. It sounds like you had to a really a really great time now and Yeah I can certainly relate to the wanting to start stories. You know the tea and I'm sure I do that. There's one time when I was in Moscow a almost see people rolling their eyes and getting no. Right Oh here you guys again here she goes again, yeah yeah. Oh. Gosh where to start with with following up questions to to all I'm I'm I think I'm GonNa go along the line of the languages side of things as that ties in with the film. We're GONNA watch for this episode serum. In fact, in terms of the films we've covered on the show so far this is the first one. We've actually got some western actors getting their lowering ses or whatever your voice boxes for codes I duNno. I'm talking about around around the Russian language. So all the ones we've watched so far either being. Russian films with actors speaking their native language or it's just bean. Russian story so it's people have just been using their sort of regular accent. So I guess you can probably empathize with the our sort of leads. Oh sure. Yeah So the film were we're going to be watching is eastern promises. So you've seen this one before is that right have correct? Yeah. I've seen this one before, but it's a little a little while ago. Now, how about you is this a relatively recent watching or it's probably been? It's I'm sure it's been over a year. It's probably been about two years since I've seen it but I've seen it a couple of times. Maybe three times, but it's been a while 'cause it came out some time ago. Yeah. I was just looking up on IMDB earlier and I think it came out in two thousand seven. So it's now ten year old Phil Yes. Yes it's always a time flies. Yeah. It's always a little scary when you kind of think of something like, oh. Yeah. That just came out a couple of years ago a couple is now ten. is now a decade When things start being a decade ago? We're getting old. Alistair. Yes. We'll get. We'll get shut down for saying so not shut down. But it just happens to everyone. Does. So what are your memories of? The film memories of the film the probably the first memory that comes to mind is just how talented an actor Vigo? Mortenson. Is He is just truly wonderful in this film he's.

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