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A lot more to cover this hour starting rivi very very talented musician all yeah chris stapleton love him no really did not know henry was too he did that performance rate with justin timberlake and syria are and i i am quite a bit of his staff lure murray will lead this is how to copy given us a little report and who is chris staplefood anger two years ago chris tabled bolton's critically acclaimed so little debut album earned him five country music awards by acm and two grammys ooh fantasy lists it was this performance of tennessee whisky with justin timberlake at the 2015 see amazed that seal his status as a country star at thirty nine years old chris stapleton has been in the business for more than twenty years as one of the most sought after songwriters and country music he's had over a hundred fifty of his songs recorded by artists like luke bryan kenny chesney darius wrecker and even adel culminating in six number one again now stapleton is out with his second studio album from a wilma volume one and you can catch him on tour right here on our city concert stage chaptered this morning over to the show for it he's going to be here at the excel centre on october seven ten year old people were gone tickets are still available i will see him at the las vegas ask from just checking out he's just talented a s just fine a casini right signs for years i casey must sackler they were the sink they were all wrong raiders and then they ended up having occur on their own and they're like just as the price apprise were just a couple more music news before we talk about.

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