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He had a dogged what you named your dog and why because they came out with a list and this is four this year or 2017 the twenty most popular dogged names of 2017 now before we go to the phones no here's what i mean about a cool story behind while you named dog what you make you remember doubled down this spin year years since we worked with my stomach days anyway doubled down just texted me give a little dog he says we named our guy grim g r i m for two reasons it was one of our favorite shows at the time you remember the show oh yeah yeah as one of our favorite shows at the time and also because he was so tiny there was nothing to him he was almost like skin and bones and so scrawny that he looked like the grim reaper we had to give him something mean because he's such a tiny little guys will we tried to toughen among puff up his confidence exactly exactly that's a cool story i like mike in cults neck you're in new jersey wanna 15 hey boys you i and what's up hey i had a a boxer he was awesome a larger boxer and i named him reiter a lotta people can use it thinking it was after the football team but it was actually be one of the first military are slobs groups we had were marine raiders hit have like a little swagger winter the puppy it fit tuesday matters yeah but not not not not immediate very good around paran kid and what not yet when something wasn't right he'd step right up he was off that's that's cool now are you are you have a military background or just mad respect fly dear dear julia you area so i'm on i'm trying to come up with the name par next boxer he passed off somebody on the show will give me an idea schwarzkopf name schwarzkopf opinion henry or why it right now you know wider why i don't know well it's kind of a people name not not everybody is going to adhere to be doyle dodgers pointed out mike.

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